Monday, February 22, 2010

Gogos® crazybones

I am sure that some of you out there have heard about these little toys called Gogos®. They are little 1 inch figures that you can collect and play games with. Gogos® can either come in the most common way, a three pack of Gogos® with three stickers. Where I am they are 2 dollars a pack. Or you can get a 5 pack with 10 stickers. I am not sure how much they are because I have not gotten one yet. There are other things like collecter bags and exclusive Gogo® tins. Another thing that you should get to hold all your stickers is a sticker book. It will also tell you how to play all the games. Or you can head to The sticker book will show you all the stats of the Gogos®. There are 80 different Gogos® in a series that come in 5 different colors each. There are also 15 rare Gogos® that are versions of regular Gogos®. And then there are 5 ultra rare Gogos®. After you see your first Gogo® you will see its arched back. It is that way so you can flick it for what I think is the most popular game, battle. In battle you and an opponent set up Gogos® and flick at your opponents to try to knock them down. There are 6 other games. So ask around your friends. One of them will probably at least have heard about Gogos®. You can find out about where Gogos® are being sold at the website above.

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