Monday, February 22, 2010

Gogos® crazybones

I am sure that some of you out there have heard about these little toys called Gogos®. They are little 1 inch figures that you can collect and play games with. Gogos® can either come in the most common way, a three pack of Gogos® with three stickers. Where I am they are 2 dollars a pack. Or you can get a 5 pack with 10 stickers. I am not sure how much they are because I have not gotten one yet. There are other things like collecter bags and exclusive Gogo® tins. Another thing that you should get to hold all your stickers is a sticker book. It will also tell you how to play all the games. Or you can head to The sticker book will show you all the stats of the Gogos®. There are 80 different Gogos® in a series that come in 5 different colors each. There are also 15 rare Gogos® that are versions of regular Gogos®. And then there are 5 ultra rare Gogos®. After you see your first Gogo® you will see its arched back. It is that way so you can flick it for what I think is the most popular game, battle. In battle you and an opponent set up Gogos® and flick at your opponents to try to knock them down. There are 6 other games. So ask around your friends. One of them will probably at least have heard about Gogos®. You can find out about where Gogos® are being sold at the website above.

Monday, December 28, 2009

My Christmas gifts

This year's Christmas has been great. We decided to skip church because of the weather, but we were able to make it to my grandmas and grandpas place to celebrate. We opened some gifts there first and I got a ice fishing pole, a book from my favorite seires, a football card value book in which it had NFL, USFL, CFL, and college card values, some shirts of my favorite football team, some binders and pages to put my cards into, and several hundred marbles and a mat to play with them all just to name a few. My grandma and grandpa also setup a ping-pong table that we played with a lot. After the gift opening was done it was time to eat. My aunt is a vegetarian, so we had lots of different types of food. After we reluctantly left we came home and played with our gifts until it was time for bed. When I woke up I had to wait awhile because we couldn't go downstairs untill 6:30. My sister and I went around untill we found the fastest clock upstairs, then as soon as it turned 6:30 we woke up my other two brothers and went downstairs. We saw are stockings stuffed and I wanted so bad to open my gifts then and there, but first we had to do the ritual of jumping on my moms and dads bed shouting "it's Christmas, get up!". Then we ran and grabbed are stockings and saw all the gifts underneath. We opened are stockings, and I got some football card packs, a warm-up T-shirt for wrestling, some candy, and a few other things. After that was done we moved aside all of santas gifts and started by opening the family gifts. From my brother I got a new nerf gun, and from my parents I got a box of 648 topps football cards, a funny t-shirt some classic books and some other things. Under the tree there was a box addressed to all the kids, so we opened it up and found a Wii! We all were so excited tto have one we played it for 7 and a half hours that day! The from santa I got the game of life, Night at the museum 2, and a new game for the Wii. It was a very fun Christmas.

Monday, July 13, 2009

How to start a nightcrawler farm.


The title says it all. How to start a nightcrawler farm. Lets say you want to make some money. Or maybe you need some fishing bait. It dosen't matter! Whatever the reason it is easy to start a nightcrawler farm. First you need to know is what you need before you catch some worms. You will need a container to keep them in, a filling for your container, food, and a place to keep them. For mine I used a plastic tote and filled with a layer of dirt, layer of leaves, layer of dirt and so on. The nightcrawlers will eat the leaves. But if you have pataeto pellings or fruit rines they like them. Nightcrawlers sometimes eat there weight every day! Next you need to know where to keep them. If you have a place in your fridge that works fine, as long as the temperature is above 32 degees fahrinheit. Make sure that the soil is moist in the cage. If you can't keep it in the fride dig a hole in the yard and put it there. Once the cage is set you need to get the nightcrawlers. How do you know if what you find is a night crawler and not an angle worm? They are much bigger than angle worms. Where do you find them? I look under stones, on my driveway when it rains and when we get the hhhhhhuuuuuuuuuuuggggggggggeeeeeee puddle in my backyard I get tons! Always have enough food in the container and good luck!

Monday, April 20, 2009


Hi there,
This year Easter was fantastic! My cousins came down the day before Easter and we played the day away. Later that night we painted eggs and whatched a movie. The next morning we were all waiting for 6:30 to come. As soon as the clock hit 6:30 we were down stairs searching for our baskets. I found mine first. One of my cousins found his last. It took him over an hour to find his basket. He claimed that he searched where he ended up finding it. We went to church and then to our grandma's and grandpa's. We had an Easter egg hunt and we got another basket full of candy. We played for the rest of the day with a new game set. It was loads of fun.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

My Comic

This is a comic I created:

Thursday, January 1, 2009

My Christmas

Christmas is my favorite time of the year. There are so many secrets, plus the anticipation. On Chistmas eve me and my family go to my grandma's and grandpa's. There we eat and open presents. Then we go home. The next day we open presents at our house and our other grandma's and grandpa's. This year I got some football cards and a harmonica. We went sledding and snowmobiling too!

Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thanksgiving My Way

On Thanksgiving my family gets together (usually at my grandma's and grandpa's) to eat, play, give thanks, and watch football. It is like an unofficial rule on thanksgiving to always have football on. What is better than sitting down on the couch and debating with your uncle whether the team should have done a screen pass or draw play while stuffing pie in your face. I don't know! I always watch the Lions game, but this year it probably will not be very exciting. The best team record wise verses the opposite. Do the math.