Thursday, November 20, 2008

Thanksgiving My Way

On Thanksgiving my family gets together (usually at my grandma's and grandpa's) to eat, play, give thanks, and watch football. It is like an unofficial rule on thanksgiving to always have football on. What is better than sitting down on the couch and debating with your uncle whether the team should have done a screen pass or draw play while stuffing pie in your face. I don't know! I always watch the Lions game, but this year it probably will not be very exciting. The best team record wise verses the opposite. Do the math.

Friday, October 10, 2008

junior sportscaster


My mom entered me into a junior sportscaster contest. To enter my mom sent in my name and age. After that there was a random drawing and I was selected along with 29 other kids. Then the local news sent me an audition script. I practiced and practiced the script until it was time for the audition at training camp. They seperated the kids into two age group and I was in the lower age group. My age group went first. They had three judges. The local news sportscaster, the sports director from the local news and a former pro football player. When it was my turn I sat behind a table with a camera poited at me. I said my lines and got some autographs then left. A few days later the local news contacted my mom saying I had won. As my prize I got to interview a professinal football player that was played on the local news, an autograped football and two tickets to a football game. Me and my dad came up with some questions for the interview and it went by like a breeze. After that we went to the news statoin and I got on Live TV. A few days later I went back to the news station and got my tickets and football. In a few weeks me and my dad went to the game. The tickets were in the lower level right behind the goalpost. They were so good that we got on TV! This was one of the greatest moments of my life.

Saturday, September 20, 2008

football cards


In this page are some things I do with my cards that you can do to. Here are some ideas for the storage of your cards.

Velveeta cheese box: the bottom of this cheese box is perfect for holding cards, So the next time you have Velveeta cheese save the bottom of the box.

Rubber bands: any rubber bands will work but I prefer thicker ones so you can write whats inside such as the poisition and team. Make sure you do not bend the corners while putting the cards in the rubber bands.

Shoe boxes: any box will work but I think shoe boxes work the best. I also like to put sets of my rubber banded cards cards in the boxes.

Friday, September 19, 2008

stretch time!

Hi There,

Stretching is very important. You should do it before every practice and game. Here are some stretches you can do by your self. Touch your toes: bend over while keeping your legs strait, and touch your toes. Hold for a count of ten. Hurdler: sit on your butt and cross your right leg over the left while at the same time you are twisting your body and head at a 90 degres. Do it the other way. Hold for a count of ten. Butterfly: sit on your butt and bring your feet in close to your body while keeping them together. While keeping your hands on your feet stretch your legs as far down as you can. Hold for a count of ten. Pull your wheel: sit on your butt and pull one leg so its by your butt, but don't sit on it, and one forward and flat. Lean backwards so your laying on your back, but keep your legs where they where. Then reverse. Hold for a count of ten.

Football Conditioning


If you like football just as much as I do, these drills should be done often. First, set up two cones 10 yards apart. Then start at one end in a shuffling position with your butt down, hands up, and feet wide apart (but make sure it does not hurt.) Shuffle from one cone to the other and back to where you started. Then do the same with the crossover (some people call it the kareoke) and the backpedal. Once your done with that move one cone five yards farther out so the cones are now fifteen yards apart. Then sprint from one cone to the other and back.